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South Coast Rope & Wire Specialist


Rope and Wire

Rope and Wire is a department of Rigmasters (UK) Ltd. We are based in Southampton on the South Coast and provide all types of ropes, wire and rigging fittings, whether new or as a replacement for existing equipment. We manufacture both in-house and on-site. We are able to offer advice, project consultancy and project management for all aspects of rope and wire technologies, where required we will pay site visits to ascertain specifications and requirements. We offer free advice and will be pleased to provide a free no obligation quotation for your requirement.

If you have a requirement in any of our categories please email Rope and Wire (a department of Rigmasters (UK) Ltd ) on for a no obligation advice and quotation.

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We supply all types of ropes currently on the market. From washing-line to heavy duty ships hawsers. Specialising in custom terminations (hand spliced,served,leathered  etc.) we stock hemp,polyester,nylon,dyneema,vectran and upon request can supply custom-compositions.
Chains and chain fittings (shown a 'old & replacement' ) come in many types of steel,from low-grade none rated steel to high grade 8 & 10 and also stainless chains. Fittings are available in galvanised,stainless and bronze and with various  type (& cost)-options for applications.
Winches and wires are used for many purposes,from the automotive industry to construction. There are as many different types of wires as there are applications. Its important to understand the intended use and select the correct wire. Shown here is winch wire under a 18:1 purchase.
Wires and ropes found in health & safety applications,play an important role for many individuals and companies who operate 'off the ground'. From custom designed Fall Arrest Systems (as seen here on the roof of a temporary structure) to and their installation,to testing and inspecting existing equipment, we have the expertise and qualified personnel to meet any requirements. Tallurit-type press terminating of wire. There are other ways of terminating ( creating a fitting attachment or a direct fitting) wires such as, hand-splicing,roll-swaging,socket and 'glue'-types. Different strength requirements will dictate a particular method.


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